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Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance with a well-documented stimulant effect on the nervous system. The nutrient crosses a barrier in your brain and blocks the transmission of messages that slow mental and physical activities throughout your body. Many people use caffeine supplements and caffeinated beverages to restore wakefulness and mental alertness or to prevent physical exhaustion. Other benefits of caffeine include enhanced memory, learning and athletic abilities.

Effects of Caffeine on Cognitive Performance

A study published in 2007 indicated that caffeine improves working and short-term storage memory. Working, or active, memory enables you to use transient information required for comprehension and reasoning, such as the results of multi-step equations or the position of an opponent on the athletic field. Short-term storage is a complex process that preserves information for several days.

A MRI demonstrated that test subjects who were given caffeine supplements had improved short-term memory and quicker reaction times while performing memory tasks. Caffeine aids learning due to its ability to help you focus as it provides a short-term boost to attention and study skills. It also enhances long-term memory and feelings of well-being by increasing the level of dopamine, a brain chemical.

Effects of Caffeine on Athletic Performance

Since the late 1970s, studies have demonstrated that caffeine improves athletic performance in virtually every sport, including swimming, soccer, running and cycling. Athletes who consume caffeine experience improved physical stamina and manual dexterity. The nutrient helps your body use energy by releasing stored sugar from your liver and fatty acids from your tissues while increasing the absorption of carbohydrates that serve as fuel. It also enables your muscles to use fat as a source of energy. Because caffeine blocks the sensation of exhaustion, it helps athletes to exercise, practice and compete longer and harder. Caffeine improves your strength and speed by releasing calcium stored in your body, which enhances the contraction of your muscles.

Balanced Caffeine Supplements

Like most things in life, the key to success with caffeine is moderation. A small amount of caffeine can increase your energy and focus, which enables you to perform better at work, in the classroom or on the athletic field. The problem with some energy drinks and other beverages is that they can cause dependency, jittery feelings, headaches and other symptoms.

The Focus Boost Advantage

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