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Originally designed to help stroke patients, citicoline is a natural substance that enhances brain health and cognitive performance. In Europe and Japan, it is available as a prescription drug that treats stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions that cause the progressive loss of nerve cells. Citicoline is also one of the premium ingredients in Focus Boost, a nutritional supplement designed to help college students, athletes and professionals excel in competitive environments.How Citicoline Supplements WorksCiticoline supplements supply choline, a member of the B vitamins, which increases the production of a lipid that protects and repairs your nerve cell membranes. Studies demonstrate that citicoline rapidly crosses a natural barrier designed to protect the brain from harmful substances. The nutrient accumulates in the frontal lobe, which is responsible for learning, decision-making, focus and memory.

Reduce Oxidative Stress

Citicoline supplements increase the production of energy inside your cells and prevent the accumulation of environmental toxins that impair memory. As an antioxidant, citicoline protects the brain’s cellular structure from the harmful effects of free radicals and reduces cell membrane damage. Research studies also indicate that citicoline can help offset age-related changes in the brain and prevents the loss of higher-level cognitive skills.

Increase Grey Matter and Acetylcholine

Choline helps your body produce grey matter and acetylcholine. Grey matter is a collection of nerve cells involved in memory, sight, speech and other sensory functions. Acetylcholine is an essential brain chemical involved in memory, reasoning and learning. Citicoline also increases the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, which reduce anxiety and depression while enhancing cognitive performance, such as analysis, focus and memory.

Improve Cognitive Function

Researchers have performed extensive studies on the nutrient since its discovery in the mid-1950s. Contemporary research confirms that citicoline improves memory and decreases cognitive decline. A 9-month study published in February 2013 issue of Clinical Investigations in Aging evaluated the effects of citicoline on the mental function on volunteers with mild cognitive impairment. The citicoline group improved, but the placebo group continued to decline.

Are You Getting Enough Citicoline?

Although the human body could manufacture citicoline from the raw ingredients in the diet, most people probably need to take nutritional supplements. Research indicates that 90 percent of adults do not eat enough choline-rich food to meet the minimum daily requirement of this important nutrient. A citicoline deficiency can leave your body without the nutrients that it requires to maintain a healthy brain. Focus Boost is a nutritional supplement that contains citicoline and several other ingredients that were chosen for their proven ability to improve brain health and cognitive function. If you want to experience the benefits of citicoline, try Focus Boost. This all-natural supplement can improve your focus and memory.