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First synthesized in the 1960s, vinpocetine is derived from the leaves of the dwarf periwinkle plant. The flowering perennial inhabits various European countries, the Baltic States and portions of Turkey. Herbalists have recommended the botanical since the Middle Ages to alleviate various conditions, including fatigue and poor memory. Focus Boost is a great way to obtain the benefits of vinpocetine.Modern Uses of Vinpocetine Supplements

In Europe, vinpocetine is available as a prescription medication that treats several medical conditions, including depression and memory loss. Many holistic practitioners recommend vinpocetine instead of ginkgo biloba because it is more effective and works faster.

Clinical Research

Most vinpocetine studies focus on patients with calcified blood vessels or a type of stroke caused by insufficient blood flow. During one study, patients were asked to memorize a list of words. The patients were able to recall approximately six words before receiving vinpocetine, and the rate of recall increased to 10 words after taking the nutrient for one month.

Another study conducted in the mid-1980s demonstrated that the alkaloid improved cognition in healthy people as well. The volunteers were asked to memorize several three-digit numbers and take a test that measured their ability to determine whether the figures appeared within larger numbers. The average response time to find the three-digit numbers was 700 milliseconds when the participants took a placebo, and the volunteers responded in less than 450 milliseconds after taking vinpocetine for two days. The European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology study was designed so that neither the participants nor the investigators knew whether vinpocetine or placebo was being administered.

How Vinpocetine Works

Modern science confirms that vinpocetine supplements improve brain health and function in various ways. Known as Viagra® for the brain, the nutrient dilates vessels and improves the blood flow by blocking an enzyme. Along with additional blood, the brain receives more oxygen and glucose, which is the brain’s primary source of energy. Vinpocetine increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and chemical messengers like dopamine and norepinephrine. ATP is a molecule that helps your body transport energy inside your cells, and the chemical messengers improve your mental acuity, memory, focus and sense of well-being.

Benefits of Vinpocetine Supplements

Because of the inverse relationship of norepinephrine levels and body fat, athletes take the supplement as part of their fat reduction regimens. Busy professionals, college students and other people use vinpocetine to increase their cognitive performance and alleviate stress in challenging environments. If you want a natural way to improve your mental acuity and energy, you should try Focus Boost. The holistic nutritional supplement contains vinpocetine and several other premium ingredients that were specifically included in the formulation for their ability to support brain health and performance.